My name is Jane Loginova.
Currently, I live and work in Greece.
My art is an attempt to reflect the perception of life through the prism of mythology.

Mythology has fascinated me since childhood.
In later years, I realized that myths, through the language of metaphor, describe various manifestations of the world, combining descriptions of cosmic, natural, psychological, and civilizational processes. Myths provide an endless field for exploring oneself and the surrounding reality, revealing new facets of individuality and delving into even deeper levels of existence. This is possible because myths, as a phenomenon, exist without being bound by time and place.

The roles of mythological heroes and their interactions are what matter. In other words, myth is a timeless and universal category, a script that can be enacted anywhere and at any time, making it consistently relevant. 

https://artloginova.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/07/mysterious-artist-latest-version-compressed-2.mp4One could say that myth serves as a magical mirror in which, from a certain perspective, one can see reflections of both their own soul and those around them. Sometimes, looking into this mirror is quite challenging, as the magic touch to the soul vanishes the moment you get distracted, turning the universal mythological narrative into a description of some hero’s adventures.

For my artistic expression, I use watercolor paints and colored pencils. Watercolor paint, being unstable but used at its maximum concentration, emphasizes the fragility and vibrancy of the mythological worldview.

Exploring myth is an uncanny journey into history, culture, climatology, and, ultimately, into one’s own consciousness. Myth is multilayered and full of mysteries, just like the world we live in. The construction of this world is a vast and enticing, yet perhaps fundamentally unsolvable, enigma. However, it is inherent in human nature that as soon as we become aware of something mysterious nearby, there arises an intense need to attempt to uncover this secret.